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Advanced analytical tools to provide you with unique financial insights.

Trading Tools

Successful trading requires a sound understanding of the markets and the most sophisticated trading tools.

We encourages its clients to take advantages of all tools and resources it provides, and utilize them while trading. Market Analysis and Economic Calendar are just a a couple of the components of a wide selection of tools and resources. We aim to guide our clients to become successful traders, and provide the best collection of tools for them to achieve that.

Fundamental and Technical analysis

Very often successful traders use both fundamental and technical analysis to achieve greater success. For instance, some fundamental analysts use techniques to determine the best time to enter a position. Technical analysts use fundamentals to reassure their decision. For example, if a sell signal is given through indicators, a trader might look at some key fundamentals to assure their decision.

Graphs and indicators for a technical analysis.

Fundamental and technical analysis are important tools in the Foreign Exchange market. Understanding the difference and how they are used is vital for success in trading. Technical analysis looks at the price movement and uses the information to predict future price fluctuations. On the other hand, fundamental analysis uses economic factors also known as fundamentals.

Updated data & information

The Updated data and information represents the general direction in which a security or market is headed. Our information are a valuable tool when trading online, so traders need to be familiar with their use.

Daily technical analysis

Written by experienced traders, Our Forex technical analysis is just what you need to get an edge in your finance trading. Technical analysis shouldn’t be overwhelming, and our finance technical analysis is designed for traders at all levels.